Chi Sigma Omega is a community service-based sorority. Thus, philanthropy is one of the most important aspects of our sorority and our sisterhood. We regularly volunteer at Chicago Canine Rescue Shelter, Ronald McDonald House, and the National Multiple Sclerosis society. Our fundraising efforts throughout the year help raise money for research and awareness of the terrible disease. known as MS. As sisters of Chi Sigma Omega, we do our best to give back to our community and support a variety of important causes. 


The MS Society is our main philanthrophy and one we feel very passionately about. 


Every year, we host our annual Dodgeball Tournament in the fall along with an annual Basket Tournament in the spring to help raise awareness and fundraise for multiple sclerosis. The Greek life community comes out to support us and winners receive special prizes. Everybody has tons of fun and it's an event that allows to give back to the cause that means so much to us and our philanthrophic values. 


We also participate in Walk MS every year. Participating in Walk MS is a fantastic way to not only raise money and awareness for everyone affected by MS, but build relationships with those who we walk for. We believe that by working together, we'll be able to end MS forever.

Chi Sigma Omega girls volunteering at Ronald McDonald House in Chicago



Each sister volunteers at Ronald McDonald House at least once per semester, but many choose to volunteer many times throughout the year. We have a Ronald McDonald chair and are proud to say that one of our sisters has gained the position of Family Ambassador at Ronald McDonald House as well. 


At Ronald McDonald House, we do a different activity each time we volunteer. Sometimes we decorate cookies and cupcakes with the children while other times we do arts and crafts. No matter what we do, we always have loads of fun bonding with the famlies and each other!


Chi Sigma Omega knows that for Greek life to be the best that it can be, we all have to come out and support each other's events and stay as involved as possible. We're proud to say that Chi Sigma Omega can be counted on to play in the tournaments and attend the various events hosted by the other sororities and fraternities on the UIC campus. 



Volunteering at Chicago Canine Rescue Shelter is a wonderful way to help animals in need. At Chicago Canine Rescue, sisters walk loving, adorable dogs and have an absolutely wonderful time doing it.


Since there are a lot more animals at the shelter than there are workers, volunteering to walk the dogs helps take the stress off the employees and makes sure that each dog gets the daily exercise, attention, and love that every dog deserves. It's impossible for girls not to enjoy themselves when they're surrounded by cute dogs and sisters that they love, so Chicago Canine Rescue is visited frequently by the sisters of Chi Sigma Omega.



Sisters of Chi Sigma Omega participate in various community service projects in the Chicagoland area and even around the world. Together we volunteer for the Chicago Marathon, the Hot Chocolate Run, and more. We have sisters who donate their time and services to homeless shelters, local churches, soup kitchens, and hospitals. We also have sisters who spent two months volunteering in hospitals and orphanages in Kenya and who helped develop a water system in Honduras. We take pride that the sisters of Chi Sigma Omega are so involved in volunteering in our wonderful city of Chicago!