In order to be a sister of Chi Sigma Omega, you have to take academics seriously. We recognize that we are first and foremost students and that we are at college to learn. To emphasize that grades are important to our sorority and to encourage each other to do well in school, we've incorporated several academics-oriented programs into our sorority. 


To continue to be considered an active sister of Chi Sigma Omega, sisters have to complete at minimum two study hours per week in the library. These hours must be documented with picture proof and sent to our Academics chair. To encourage good grades and proper study habits, every A that a sister gets is sent to our Academics chair as well, who keeps track of how well sisters are doing. At the end of the year, the sister with the most A's throughout the year will get recognized for her hard work with an award. 


The best part about our sisterhood is how diverse it is! You'll be sure to find a girl in your major and area of study that can guide you in your difficult classes and give you advice on how to succeed. Sisters are always glad to tutor each other and help each other out!

Chi Sigma Omega Graduation Cap for University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)